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Collection unique
Collection unique

Home elevators for those who want the best

Get rid of barriers. Collection Unique vacuum passenger lifts turn a duplex, apartment or house into a place where you forget about stairs. A timeless design backed by energy-saving and safe technology.


  • Absolute safety
  • Installation within 3 days
  • Innovative design
  • Ecological technology
  • 11 colour variants
  • Panoramic view 360°

3 models and up to 5 floors

We deliver 3 models of elevators suitable for the residential sector, luxury boutique stores or prestigious office premises. From a single passenger type to a larger 3 passengers or wheelchair option.
Each model can operate up to 5 floors up to a maximum height of 15m.

If one passenger unit is sufficient

PVE 30 is one of the smallest elevators 
in the world. It is a home elevator for one person. Its practical size makes it easy to install even in areas where you are struggling for space.

  • 1 passenger
  • load capacity 159 kg
  • without structural modifications

The middle option

PVE 37 model is the ideal option for single-family homes, townhouses or duplexes. Its capacity is 2 passengers. It is one of the flagships of our product range.
  • 2 passengers
  • capacity 205 kg
  • 360° panorama
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Spacious for wheelchair

PVE 52 is specially designed for transporting people with reduced mobility - for example in a wheelchair. It can accommodate up to 3 passengers at a time.
  • 3 passengers
  • Load capacity 238 KG
  • Wheelchair accessible

How pneumatic vacuum elevators work

Elevators work on the simple physical principle of a vacuum. Using a turbine suction unit, a vacuum is created which ensures the cabin moves upwards and by regulated air release the elevator safely descends without the need for electricity.
  • Self-supporting design
  • Connection to 230 V / 400 V
  • Absolute safety
  • Without shaft and machine room

We are exclusive representative of the American manufacturer PVE

PVE_logo_white 1We offer Collection Unique range of pneumatic vacuum elevators as the exclusive Czech and Slovak representative of the American manufacturer PVE, a company that is a leader in the development of revolutionary technology for domestic passenger elevators.
We are exclusive representative of the American manufacturer PVE



We are active on the market
for a quarter of a century.


We are the exclusive representative of
PVE for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We provide round-the-clock
elevator service.

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