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We said goodbye to an outdated elevator with  modern technology
In 2.5 months you have a 21st century elevator
We said goodbye to an outdated elevator with modern technology
Complete elevator renovations are our daily bread. Every year we carry out around 25 major repairs and new elevator constructions. One of them was a complete transformation of an elevator in 2020 in a 7-storey older apartment building in Prague's Slezská Street. Between February and May 2020, we carried out an extensive replacement of the existing traction elevator, which was not only inadequate in terms of space, but was also obsolete in terms of the main thing - safety for passengers. We also managed to ensure that the new elevator blended in with the historic environment of the building and met the requirements of the authority for protection of historical buildings.

The old elevator was not compliant

It did not meet the standards
Until the beginning of spring 2020, the owners and tenants of the 7-storey building had to use the services of the old traction elevator, which no longer met current standards. It was not only about comfort during the ride, but also about overall safety.
  • The car doors were missing
  • the car was made of flammable materials
  • the elevator did not stop accurately
  • the shaft doors were already detached
  • the wire-mesh shaft cladding did not meet current construction standards

We started from the ground up

In the beginning, the old structure had to go. A few weeks later, we handed over the new unit
At the beginning of February, we got to work. In mid-May, we handed over a completely renovated elevator worthy of the 21st century to our client. And what did the work look like?
  • We dismantled the existing elevator and steel structure
  • We carried out structural modifications to the recess, upper floor and stair mirror
  • We set about installing the new OCK without cladding
  • Followed by the complete installation of the elevator, the OCK cladding and the door linings
  • Finally, we carried out the necessary tests
  • We handed over the new elevator to the customer
We started from the ground up
Speed gives you valuable time
10 seconds per day, 1 hour per year
Speed gives you valuable time
A seemingly small thing on paper, but in the long run a noticeable benefit. The original traction elevator allowed travel between floors at 0.7 metres per second. Our complete refurbishment has increased the travel speed to 1 metre per second. And since an ocean is made up of drops, every tenth of a second turns into a minute and minutes into an hour. For example, if you travel twice a day from floor zero to floor 5 and regularly cover a height of 12.5 metres (the indicative height of floor 5), you will save 10 seconds a day. In round numbers, this is one hour of your time per year. And that's what we brought to the residents of the 5th floor in Prague's Slezská Street with during one year.

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