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Výtahy Praha ČR, s.r.o. was founded in 1998

Since that year it has been doing business mainly in the region of Prague and Central Bohemia.
It provides comprehensive services in the field of elevator technology, but it is mainly dedicated to the area of elevator servicing and modernization.
Over time, the company has managed to conclude long-term contractual relations for the servicing of hundreds of elevators of all types, operated in various types of buildings. The company services elevators to the agreed extent in hospitals, hotel facilities, administrative buildings and, last but not least, in apartment buildings. All the company's customers have a round-the-clock service at their disposal, and they apply their requirements through a non-stop dispatching service.
We have successfully carried out upgrades of passenger and cargo elevators. These were either deliveries of individual elevators or complete deliveries of even 15 elevators for one customer. In case of customer's interest and requirement, the modernizations were completed in the mode of complex delivery or "turnkey".
In the 1990s, new requirements for elevators resulting from harmonised "European" standards came into force in the Czech Republic. Elevator operators faced the difficult problem of how to financially ensure compliance with these new requirements. We were one of the first companies to come up with the idea of modernising elevators in several steps and therefore to divide the associated costs into partial payments made over several years.
In 2012, thanks to the merger with VVS-elektro, s.r.o., we significantly expanded our activities, especially in the field of elevator service and repair. As part of this expansion, Výtahy Praha ČR moved to its new headquarters at Mladoboleslavská Street, Prague 9 Kbely.
In October 2014, our company was merged with another service organization, Výtahy VP Praha s.r.o. Our scope and portfolio is thus expanded by hundreds of new elevators serviced in the territory of the capital city of Prague and the Central Bohemian Region.
In December 2015, we made our fourth successful acquisition and welcomed another member to our group, Thomas and Grunner. Thanks to this strategic merger, we have become an authorized distributor of Orona elevator technologies.
In September 2019, we completed the acquisition of the Prague elevator portfolio of AZ Výtahy ČR s. r. o.
In October 2019, we acquired the Prague elevator portfolio of VÝTAHY MORAVIA CZ s. r. o.
In December 2020, the acquisition of the Prague elevator portfolio of VÝTAHY OSTRAVA SERVIS s. r. o. was completed.
In December 2022, we entered into an agreement for the exclusive representation of PVE on the Czech and Slovak markets. PVE manufactures unique vacuum-powered elevators.

In June 2023, the Výtahy Praha group moved to its new own headquarters in Prague 21.
We have welcomed a new team of experts to our team, who are involved in a system of improving our services leading, among other things, to faster handling of service interventions.
We rely primarily on the expertise of our service team to fulfil our contractual obligations.
Thanks to many years of experience and continuous improvement of our knowledge, we are able to provide quality professional and service services on 95% of elevator types from most manufacturers, including international concerns.