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Elevator protection during moving and construction activities

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Universal solution
standard and custom dimensions
1 day
and we equip the elevator with everything you need
No additional costs
re-install in 15 min.
Designed to suit you
colour and floor type
Free of charge during service
Free of charge as part of the service package
Option to choose
also available as a loaner

Also for use during construction works

Get professional elevator protection
This effective protection consists of creating an effective barrier between the interior of the elevator cabin and the transport area. Particularly suitable in cases where the elevator is used for more than just normal passenger transport. With this protection, the elevator can also be used for transporting bulky loads, for example during moving or renovation and construction work in the house, without risk of damage.
Get your own elevator protection. Or we can lend it to you according to your needs. We will arrange the preparation and fitting of the mounting elements so that you can install it yourself at any time. A truly professional, safe and certified solution that in every way surpasses amateur attempts that can lead to disaster in the form of fire.
  • for apartment buildings and condominiums
  • for hotels and business centres
  • for the need to use the elevator during construction
  • for construction companies
Preciously tailored to the elevator
Wall protection
Preciously tailored to the elevator

Elevator cabin interior protection hinges are handmade to match the exact dimensions of your elevator. Before ordering , we will measure all walls, button panels, or screens in the cabin to determine the maximum coverage of your elevator interior.

Every cabin is suitable

Wood, stainless steel and glass

We have a choice of fixing types, which we select to suit your elevator

Premium tiles and standard mat
Floor protection
Premium tiles and standard mat

Premium protection

If you are looking for even more protection for your elevator's interior, the combination of our flooring and curtains is the best way to prevent costly damage and wear and tear to your elevator. We recommend customers use our plastic tiles. These tiles are made of sturdy material and are load tested to 3.35 tons, and are ideal when using wheelchairs to move heavy items.

The flooring has yellow bevelled edges at the cabin doors, allowing for a smooth transition when transporting cargo to the elevator.

Standard protection

Our standard floor protection is a 3mm rubber mat which we cut to the dimensions of your elevator. It is ideal for lighter loads on the elevator floor and also a cheaper solution than premium protection.

Practical packaging
Easily portable
Practical packaging
We supply the elevator interior protection in an easily portable and practical bag. Carry everything for wall protection in one hand or on your shoulder.

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