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How we made it easier for the residents of a 5-storey building with an elevator

SVJ in Nusle wanted change

In an older apartment building in Prague's Nusle district, people used to walk up to the 5th floor on foot. Although living in the wider centre of Prague brings great advantages, the daily climb up the stairs is a tiring martyrdom. And that's both for older generations and young families. That's why in 2021 the representatives of the SVJ approached us through the construction company that was carrying out the work in the building. The wish was clear: "We want an elevator." It is to be built on the site of the atrium, where until now there was only a wide staircase. We threw everything on paper, rolled up our sleeves, and in a few months none of the tenants and apartment owners had to put their muscles to test.

To serve all generations

They saved up to remove barriers
The complete construction of a new elevator in an older apartment building is a frequent order for us. We carry out more than 25 similar ones a year. It is not only the elderly who struggle with stairs, but also the younger generation. We do not need to mention what an unpleasant obstacle living on a higher floor can be for a young family. Moving heavy furniture and other equipment is a separate chapter."A beautiful house deserves a beautiful, practical elevator." Said the representatives of SVJ when they were planning the building repairs of the house.
To serve all generations

Done in 3 months

The implementation of a new elevator is not a long-distance run for us. Even in Prague's Nusle district, we didn't have to wait. We struggled with the necessity to secure the staircase and relocate the sewerage system. We got to work in September 2021. We were finished in 3 months in November. Moreover, we did not significantly limit the traffic in the house during the work.

What the elevator looks like and how we worked

Now, a little bit of numbers. We have implemented a new traction elevator without a machine room with a lifting capacity of 450 kg and a speed of 1 m/s for SVJ. The whole system is decorated with a modern glass construction.
At the beginning of the whole process was the demand and our calculation.
The parameters of the elevator and steel structure were then specified.
We signed the contract for the work and processed the necessary building permits.
We got to work. They did the construction work, the assembly of the structure and the elevator.
At the end, the new elevator was approved and handed over.

Over 20 years of operation

The elevator is decorated with a modern glass structure
From the end of November 2021, the residents of the apartment building will be transported by an elevator that is not only modern in its technical characteristics, but also in its design. The atrium of the building is decorated with a timeless glass skeleton of the ORONA elevator, which is expected to be cleaned every 3 years. Overall, the lifetime of the new elevator is in the tens of years. According to our experience, it could have an overhaul in about 20 years. Lots of time and miles saved on the stairs. And if anything, we always offer our customers fast and expert service.
Over 20 years of operation

Investing in the future

Why is the new elevator important? Let's think of the old knees

There are countless older apartment buildings without elevators in Prague. The demographic curve is predictable. The Czech population is ageing. Therefore, multi-storey buildings without elevators will be an ever greater barrier for their residents. In about 30 years, in the middle of the 21st century, the average age will climb from the current 42.2 years to 47.

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