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Consulting services

Helping you choose the best solution
As part of our consulting services, we help customers select the most suitable solution for a specific building and design the optimal elevators. Our experts have many years of experience in the elevator industry.
Consulting services

Technical supervision

Our technicians are here for you

For our customers, we provide technical supervision from the point of view of technicians and thus guarantee quality of installation of technology.


Technical supervision

The activities of technical supervision include in particular the following points.
familiarisation with documentation, content of contracts
handing over and acceptance of the construction site including a protocol record
monitoring of compliance with all conditions set out in the contract for work concluded between the investor and the contractor
cooperation with the construction designer providing author's supervision in ensuring compliance of implemented supplies and works with the project
cooperation with the designer and the contractor in designing measures or in the implementation of the elimination of any defects in the project
organisation of inspection days during construction and their management, including the preparation of minutes of the meetings
monitoring and control of the construction in terms of the works carried out, negotiation of all changes and deviations of the project
checking the compliance of the works carried out with the approved project documentation and checking the works and construction supplies that will be covered or made inaccessible in the further progress of the works
monitoring and supervising the maintenance of construction diaries in accordance with the terms of the relevant contracts and regulations, regular entries with comments, especially on the quality of work, compliance with the conditions of construction, setting conditions for correction
monitoring of prescribed tests of materials, constructions carried out by contractors and their results, monitoring of the quality of supplies and works (certificates, attestations, protocols, etc.)
immediately informing the client of any serious circumstances
monitoring the progress of the implementation and performance of construction work
checking the accuracy and completeness of the valuation documents for invoicing during construction in accordance with the instalment schedule specified in the work contract between the investor and the contractor and on the basis of discovery protocols
cooperation in the technical resolution of any disputes
preparation of documents for handover and acceptance of the construction, participation in the acceptance, supervision of the removal of defects and incompleteness
participation in the handover of the completed construction and confirmation of the handover and acceptance protocol
cooperation with contractors' staff in implementing measures to prevent or limit damage in case of natural hazards, control of proper storage of materials, machinery and structures
inspection of the site clearance by the contractor
inspection and approval of the correctness of the documentation of the actual construction
consent to payment of the final invoice (retainer)
supervision of compliance with work and technological procedures for individual works and activities
application of suggestions aimed at economizing the operation (use) of the completed building