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Development of companies within the Výtahy Praha Group

Managing Director Miroslav Vokurka on the expansion of the company Výtahy Praha:
"Výtahy Praha" group of companies was created by the gradual merger of elevator companies on the Czech market. These acquisitions were carried out primarily to ensure continuity and smooth continuation of existing companies in cases where the original owners either decided to leave to work in another industry or reached retirement age and no longer wanted to actively hold executive positions. In 2019, the Group was restructured and moved under the holding wings of the mala partners group. We currently operate no fewer than 1,200 elevators throughout the group and carry out dozens of modernisations and new installations every year."
Frame 9
Výtahy Praha ČR s.r.o.
company foundation
service, repairs and modernization of elevators
Frame 12
VVS-elektro, s.r.o.
company foundation
Manufacture of switchboards and electrical equipment for elevators
Frame 8
Výtahy VP Praha s.r.o.
company foundation
Elevator installation, service and repair
Frame 13
Thomas and Grunner s.r.o.
company foundation
Distributor of Orona elevators
Frame 7
Sale of the production division
switchgear division to a French corporation
Frame 9
Výtahy Praha ČR
Acquisition of the company
Frame 6
Moving to a new location
Mladoboleslavská 812
Prague 9 Kbely
Frame 8
Výtahy VP Praha
Company Acquisition
and establishment of the "Výtahy Praha" group
Frame 5
Škoda Auto Mladá Boleslav
We act as the main service
organization for elevators.
Frame 13
Thomas and Grunner
Acquisition of the company
"Výtahy Praha" Group becomes an authorized
distributor of ORONA, a global manufacturer of elevators
Frame 10
AZ Výtahy ČR s.r.o.
Acquisition of Prague elevator portfolio
Frame 17
VÝTAHY MORAVIA CZ, spol. s r.o.
Acquisition of Prague elevator portfolio
of the company
Frame 19
Acquisition of elevator portfolio in Prague
Frame 18
Pneumatic Vacuum Elevators, LLC,
Exclusive representative of the American manufacturer
PVE vacuum elevators for the Czech and Slovak market.
Nové sídlo společnosti Výtahy Praha
Purchase of new offices and warehouses
Novolhotská 2622
Prague 21 - Újezd nad Lesy
Main activities of Výtahy Praha
"Výtahy Praha" group, which falls under the holding mala partners group a.s., is composed of several entities (traditional elevator companies) that specialize mainly in the service, repair and revision of elevators. The second main activity of the group is the modernization and delivery of completely new elevators including turnkey elevator shafts. Behind each company there are many satisfied customers who benefit from all the products and services of the growing portfolio and quality elevator service.