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Service of elevators of all brands | No reconditioned parts | Výtahy Praha

We place the highest emphasis on this area of our business. Quality service and fast repairs are the most important prerequisites for customer satisfaction.
That is why our company Výtahy Praha ČR s.r.o. invests the most in this area of our service portfolio. We contunuously in our invest development both in terms of professionalism and customer care.
In the area of elevator maintenance, we are one of the few companies able to service 95% of all elevators types from various manufacturers that are operating on the Czech market.

The concept of our NON-STOP service V I P:

  • High professionalism and continuous improvement of our staff's skills through an effective and regular training programme.
  • Individual approach and care for each customer - a customer with a single elevator always receives all services from us and in the same high quality as a customer with fifty elevators.
  • Access to spare parts for all brands of elevators - thanks to our comprehensive network of Czech and foreign suppliers, we are able to obtain most of the original spare parts directly from the manufacturers within very short deadlines.

Safety at work:

All employees of Výtahy Praha ČR are led to strict compliance with the rules of occupational safety in all activities we perform. In order to ensure that all our employees have the necessary knowledge of work safety rules, we have a regular training program on occupational health and safety. At the same time, we carry out regular and random inspections of compliance with OSH and the use of all safety and protective equipment on site.

Environmental friendliness:

Výtahy Praha ČR is actively concerned about the impact and influence of all its activities on the environment. Whether workers in the offices or mechanics in the field, we all strive to mitigate the negative impact on the environment as much as possible. All lubricants and chemicals used are selected with environmental performance in mind. We always dispose of waste and packaging in an environmentally friendly manner. A positive approach to the environment is also observed and expected from our suppliers.