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Cargo elevators

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Pavel Háněl
Director of Modernisations and New Installations

Choosing a cargo elevator

The design of the cargo elevator depends on the environment and the intensity of traffic
When selecting technologies for cargo elevators, we look primarily at the environment and the intensity of the traffic in which the elevator is intended to operate. It is very important to design the correct dimensions, select the right durability of the materials used or consider dust-proof design, for example.

Cargo elevator technology

We cooperate with proven manufacturers from the Czech Republic and abroad
Cargo elevators are often located primarily in manufacturing plants, factories, supermarkets or warehouse buildings and the elevator design must reflect specific needs for given type of operations.
That is why we do not focus on only one manufacturer when it comes to supplying cargo elevators, but we cooperate with several proven manufacturers from the Czech Republic and abroad. The availability of most spare parts is ensured within 48 hours.
Our staff are trained on all the technologies we install and this knowledge is constantly renewed as part of an effective training programme.
Cargo  elevator technology


The design and equipment of the cargo elevator can be adapted to your needs and architectural plan.
Take a look at the layout designs and swatches.

The catalogue is in English.

Turnkey installation of a cargo elevator

Under standard conditions, the completion time of the entire work "ON KEY" is 3 to 4 months from the signing of the contract.
Visit to the customer and measurement of the elevator (or taking all the information necessary for the preparation of the initial study and indicative price proposal).
Preliminary discussion of the project with state institutions (building authority, sanitation, fire brigade, historical buildings protection authority, etc.).
Meeting with the customer to select and determine the design of the elevator from the samplers.
Preparation of a price offer and commercial and technical documentation including an indicative layout drawing of the elevator. The price offer also includes conditions for subsequent service.
All of the above activities are, as a rule, carried out without obligation and free of charge.
Signing the contract for the work.
Preparation of complete project documentation.
Negotiating and securing a building permit.
Commencement of installation including:
  • Elevator shaft construction (if part of the work)
  • Installation or assembly of the elevator
  • All construction work
Before commissioning:
  • Commissioning of the elevator
  • Testing by an authorised person
  • Carrying out noise tests
  • Obtaining the approval decision
Acceptance of new elevator by the customer.

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What does the implementation of a cargo elevator look like
See the construction of a cargo elevator step by step. Every installation has its own specifics determined by the client's requirements. Here, for example, we installed the door directly on the loading ramp. Get to know the installation of the Orona cargo elevator with a load capacity of 4,500 kg and discover interesting details of the project.

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