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Reconstruction of elevators

Rekonstrukce výtahů

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Pavel Háněl
Director of Modernisations and New Installations

Modernisation and reconstruction of elevators

Modernisation and reconstruction of elevators mean the same thing in practice
In fact, there is no difference between the terms modernisation or reconstruction of elevators, as these terms are not supported by a precise legislative definition. Therefore, in practice, both terms are used even though they refer to the same topic. It is either a partial or a complete replacement of an elevator, which is intended to eliminate, as much as possible, all safety risks according to the legislation in force today.
Reconstruction and modernisation of elevators with minimum downtime and low noise levels
We have been reconstructing or modernising elevators for 26 years and thanks the wealth of experience we are able to design solutions that are tailored as closely as possible to the existing elevator shaft with maximum use of space to the support the largest possible cabin.
We place great emphasis not only on the choice of the technology used, but also on the speed of installation and tenant friendliness during the installation. Our aim is to reduce the downtime of the elevator to a minimum. When installing elevators, we always choose technological processes that are both environmentally friendly and produce low noise and minimum dust during construction.

In exceptional cases

Transport of disabled persons during elevator shutdown
In emergency cases, we can also arrange for the transport of disabled persons during elevator shutdown by alternative means (e.g. in case of a need to travel to a doctor, etc.).

How to modernize elevators

Under standard conditions, the completion time of the entire work "ON KEY" is 3 to 4 months from the signing of the contract.
Visit to the customer and measurement of the elevator (or taking all the information necessary for the preparation of the initial study and indicative price proposal).
Preliminary discussion of the project with state institutions (building authority, sanitation, fire brigade, historical buildings protection authority, etc.).
Meeting with the customer to select and determine the design of the elevator from the submitted samplers.
Preparation of a price offer and commercial and technical documentation including an indicative layout drawing of the elevator. The price offer also includes conditions for subsequent service.
All of the above activities are, as a rule, carried out without obligation and free of charge.
Signing of the work contract.
Preparation of complete project documentation.
Negotiating and securing a building permit.
Commencement of installation including:
  • Dismantling and ecological disposal of the old elevator.
  • Construction or cladding of the elevator shaft (if part of the work).
  • Installation or assembly of the elevator.
  • All construction work.
Before commissioning:
  • Commissioning of the elevator.
  • Testing by an authorized person.
  • Noise tests carried out.
  • Obtaining the approval decision.
Acceptance of elevator by the customer.