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Call 24-hour emergency | Emergency | Výtahy Praha

Instant response 24/7/365
Our dispatching centre operates around the clock and can respond immediately 365 days a year and at any hour of the day or night.
Rescue of persons within the contractual tariff
Above and beyond that, we offer all of our customers the assurance of evacuating elevator passengers always within the contractual tariff. We understand that in situations when immediate evacuation is needed we do not want to add more stress by explaining how much evacuation costs and who is responsible for payment.
Salvage services available for elevators not in our portfolio
In the case of a request for elevator removal, we provide removal services even in cases where the elevator is not in our portfolio and we do not have a running service contract.
Sufficient emergency vehicles in all regions
All regions where we service elevators are supported by an adequate network of emergency vehicles and we guarantee timely evaculation of passengers.
We observe all safety precautions during the evacuation

In all rescue operations, we make sure that all safety precautions are adhered to.

We avoid causing unnecessary damage to your property
Unlike firefighters and emergency services, our evacuations never cause unnecessary damage to any equipment or property.