Tradition, Honesty, Professionalism

Elevator service from us

We are not a multinational enterprise, but we can match it their capabilities
Despite the fact that we are not a large multinational company and do not have the ambition to become one, we can compete with these major players in many areas.
Especially in the area of elevator service, we are one of the few companies that, thanks to our experience and team of professionals, can service 95% of all types of elevators from various manufacturers that are operating on the Czech market.
The proof of our success is mainly our customers who leave their original service organizations and become our satisfied and long-term clients.
The strongest fact on which we base this claim is the satisfaction of our customers, whose number is constantly increasing.
Our VIP service concept:
  • High expertise and continuous improvement of the skills of our staff through an effective training programme.

  • Individual care for each customer - a customer with a single elevator will always receive the same quality of service from us as a customer with fifty units.

  • Access to spare parts for all brands of elevators.
Service is and must be about people
We are fully aware that quality service really means having capable, hard-working professionals who are truly proud of the brand they work for and who can listen to customers and meet their needs.
Because we want to treat each of our clients individually, we do not offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but we always prefer to meet in person, find out the conditions on site and map out the condition of your equipment in detail before sending a specific quote.
We always want to be sure that we can provide the appropriate level of service quality for your equipment, and we also do not want to put our potential clients at risk of potentially devaluing their considerable investment.
Our emphasis is on carrying out regular preventive measures that lead to increased reliability and safety of the equipment.