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About our elevators

Our company Výtahy Praha ČR has been supplying and installing standard and atypical elevators for 26 years. The main emphasis in designing the technologies we use is on efficiency, economic operation and long-term durability of the entire solution. We are not always a supplier of the least expensive technology. We pride ourselves on quality and long-term relationships with our customers.
Our company Výtahy Praha ČR has gained this trust of our customers mainly thanks to high quality of our products and services. Our priority is not quantity, but quality.
At Výtahy Praha ČR, we reserve the right to choose our own suppliers throughout the entire period of our operations. This is mainly due to the fact that elevator manufacturers usually have their products focused on certain types of elevator shafts, and not in all cases these products may be the most suitable solution.
That is why we have created our own network of reputable suppliers (both domestic and foreign), so that the most optimal solution for a given customer's needs can always be achieved.

We divide our elevators into the following basic groups:

In terms of use by the customer:

  • Passenger elevators - used for passenger transport.
  • Small cargo elevators - used for e.g. transporting food in hotels and restaurants
  • Cargo elevators - mainly used for transporting goods
  • Bed elevators - serving the needs of hospitals, etc.
  • Atypical elevators and elevator platforms

In terms of the means of support and drive technology used:

  • Rope or traction elevators
  • Hydraulic elevators
  • Chain elevators
  • Other elevators

In terms of the location of the machine room:

  • Engine room above the shaft
  • Engine room below the shaft
  • Engine room next to the shaft
  • Lifts without machine room (technology is located in the shaft)